Sunday, July 4, 2010

Some finished objects (FO's) & holiday fun - Picture heavy

Happy 4th of July! Independence!

My sister in law had a birthday and I wanted to come up with something fun & unique for her. She loves to cook & has a dream of opening her own catering business someday. I thought a personalized recipe book would be a great way to help get her started! Here are the picks from the parts & pieces to full assembly......

I was thinking of listing it on - what do you think?

Next I had a great custom order for a bridal shower - so much fun! The request was for bright, fun lavender dryer/drawer pillows. Here's the final result:

Do you remember the baby blanket I was working on for my friends Danielle & Bill? Well.... it's finished! And their lil man has also arrived and snuggled in for a few photos:

Ok, that's it for now...
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cheers, meg


  1. I love the recipe book! You should list it. :)

  2. Added my first recipe last week. Melanie made "Tagliat-Ellen" with walnuts, sage and pancetta for my birthday dinner.

  3. Ditto what Dragon Knits said! Very cool recipe book.

    Looove that baby blanket! And what an adorable photo of him in it!

    The sachets are a terrific bridal shower gift too, BTW!

  4. Beautiful work, as always Meg. What a thoughtful gift and all wonderful craftsmanship.

  5. Thanks Teresa & Krista! For the comments and blog love.

    I really like how the book turned out. I'm looking forward to making more!