Friday, February 8, 2013

Winter Weather Blahs

So the weather has been less than delightful the last month or so. The storms and cold air have taken a toll on my family. First we were in an accident that caused our SUV to be in repair for 5 weeks leaving us slightly off-kilter to say the least. Secondly we are Irish & Welsh which means the cold air is abusive to our skin. My kiddos are chapped from head to toe with mom in dad in a close second place. We have been cooped up inside for these reasons and its caused a lovely panic in our house of whining, crying and my back being oh so sore.... So what does a gal in distress do? She knits!! She cooks!! She does yoga!!

Below is the result...

The Superbowl was this past weekend and we went to a friends house for a party. A good guest always brings something yummy so we brought beef with Gorgonzola sauce for dipping - Yum! The recipe is from Ina Garten and it was beyond delish!


 The flu/bug that has been floating around has been brutal this year and I was lucky enough to pick it up. After 3 days of nausea I made this yummy Gluten Free minestrone soup. I added a 1/2 slice of Neapolitan pizza but was only able to eat 1/2 of what you see. I was a little sick. But the food was uber yummy.

Another fun thing to do in the freezing is knit! And knit this gal did. A hat for muah and 2 sweaters for my darling daughter. She is such a fun model but next up needs to be wee-boy because hes just as sweet.

After knitting and cooking my back was particularly ornery so yoga was a requirement (plus, I love it and dont do it enough to serve my addiction)

 So thats all. If you are in the region of NEMO, please keep warm and safe!


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cheers, meg

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  1. Oh no! I guess I missed reading about the car accident on FB. :( I hope none of you got whiplash or are hurt in any other way. So sorry that you got the nasty flu too.

    Such beautiful things you knitted! It would take me an entire year to do a sweater.

    I hope your back is feeling better now! And boy, that Superbowl snack you made is making me hungry.