Saturday, January 30, 2010

A peaceful Saturday

Today I had plans to sew. The lavender is out and ready to be poured, the fabric is cut and the machine is clean and ready for love. But Baby Hughes had another plan. See, he placed himself on my right side in a little ball which prevents me from leaning forward or sitting at a 90 degree angle on my sewing chair. Hmph!

So in between laundry, dishes and pouting the mail came...... And yes... my favorite inspirational magazine was inside! House Beautiful is so absurdly chock full of happiness and good ideas I coul jump for joy, if it wasn't for that little ball issue - LOL. This month is the "Blue Issue" and since blue is one of most favorite colors, I am doubly thrilled!

A girl / mom can't spend her whole day daydreaming of hydrangeas and Brunschwig & Fils, so into the kitchen I went. Now, Im not a chef like my friend Christina at It's A Keeper but Im trying to learn new things to give some variety to my family's taste buds. First I took out some homemade frozen tomato sauce, that YES! i swear I made by scratch and heated it up with some pre-made meatballs, Then while that was soaking in the tomatoy goodness I took out the Barefoot Contessa's Brownie Mix - DELISH! - and whipped up some brownies for my 2 lovey's & topped it with powdered sugar.

So that has been the inspirational day that will end with pasta, meatballs, brownies & a movie after lil' one falls asleep. Not too shabby!
inspired by: My Family & House Beautiful Magazine



  1. House Beautiful is a gorgeous magazine! I used to subscribe to it a long time ago. While I've already had dinner, your food is making me drool!

  2. Thank you! Dinner was yummy and the brownies were a hit with Rob!

  3. Do tell about the brownies! How were they? Uber chocolately? Your sauce looks wonderful! Nothing like a big pot of simmering sauce and meatballs on a cold, winter day! Thanks for the nice shout-out too. :)