Friday, January 29, 2010

A well needed getaway

Things have been pretty stressful. Between work, family, business & life, I knew that I needed a little getaway with Rob before Baby H arrives. To admit you need a break isn't weakness, its reality and one thing Rob and I put to the wayside for the sake of Hannah & family is couple time.

Rob surprised me with setting up a weekend getaway for next weekend at the Glasbern Inn. I can't wait! We were there for a holiday party a few years back and it has been a fond memory for a while. Its beautiful, quiet, romantic and perfect for a 2 night mini trip with your loved one. Our goal is to read, relax, talk and relax. :)

inspired by: my beautiful husband.



  1. SO jealous! John and I went there for an anniversary dinner but didn't stay over. The food was so phenomenal we've been talking about going back someday even though it's a bit of a drive now...

    Enjoy yourself! You deserve it!!!

  2. Rob was saying the food is good, yay! I can't remember bc I drank a bit too much at the holiday party, lol! I can't wait for no electronics. It will be heaven! That and knitting by a fire!

  3. I'm actually an idiot and we did not eat here. :( I was thinking of the Stonebridge Inn up above you. Hence the far drive part... The Glasbern is actually very close to my house! :D

    The thing I remembered then is that my friend's husband was a server there and he said the food was excellent too. :)

  4. WOW!!! Lucky girl...that is a beautiful place! And good food too; man, you can't beat that.

  5. Thanks Teresa! I can't wait. It is long overdue and after the last few weeks - we deserve it! :)

  6. This place looks lovely! Might be just what we need to celebrate our 10 year anniversary this year! Unless, there's a trip to Aruba in my cards!