Thursday, January 28, 2010

This blog is inspired by....

Hello all - im meg: a mom, wife, crafter, lover of fabric & yarn, obsessive organizer, music addict, food critic (new at cooking), multitasking energizer bunny. I have a great almost 3 year old lil' monkey, Hannah and a new lil monkey still cooking.

It finally hit me that blogging doesn't have to be all business. It can be fun & personal too. With all the seriuosness of life, sometimes I forget the things I love. Being a Type A personality dictates that writing things down helps me appreciate life. What better place to share inspirations than on a blog for others to post their inspirations too?

This blog is about crafting, family, cooking, friends, books, activities and daily happiness that's inspired by..... anything. They say before bed you shold write 5 things that made you happy for the day. Its a hard task to keep coming up with new ideas! Let's see what happens with this blog....

Things that inspired today:

Lavender & Fabric: I'm sewing eye pillows, dryer pillows and neck/back pillows out of some delicious fabric like Michael Miller's collection. The lavender makes everything smell yummy. Our daughter Hannah likes to help. "I help you, mommy!" - those words make me melt.

: A great book on achieving happiness no matter what life hands you. A GREAT read. The title is linked to amazon.

Alpaca Yarn: A great friend is having a baby and gifted me with some yummy alpaca yarn to knit a blanket for her upcoming arrival. The color is the bottom shade. Taupey goodness.

inspired by: happiness



  1. Ya Meg! This blog is going to be great!!! I am adding it to my blog list right now. :)

  2. So overdue Amber. Today was a wake up that I put too much focus on business, work and things that DONT make me happy... This is the counterpart! Thanks for adding it!

  3. My blog was supposed to be just for fun, talking about my days homeschooling and homesteading, but somehow, it is still work sometimes. :} I think I prefer reading about other people being happy! :)

    Any blog you do, Meg, no matter biz or personal, is wonderful! xo

    p.s. thanks for putting me on your blog roll!

  4. What a positive, wonderful idea! I'll be sure to add it to my blog too!

    Today, my inspiration came from big, fat snowflakes!

  5. teresa - your blog is amazingly inspiring! don't question that for a moment.

    christina - thank you! yay to your inspiration, definitely keep posting them, i love it!

  6. Yay! This just made my night :)

  7. Thanks Melissa! I need to add your blog to the list!