Sunday, February 28, 2010

89 hours in.....

Knitting is one of my biggest loves.The yummy yarns, the soft fabric you create, it's all so gratifying. I have been working on a friends baby blanket with beautiful yarn - fine alpaca - yum! The blanket needed to be tightly knit so that means small needles - my nemesis. See, I am a true crafter with reasonably large hands so small needles don't like me. 89 hours into the blanket, here are some of the latest pictures of the WIP... we are at about 3 1/2' long.......

Hannah has taken up a new hobby - photography. Well, she likes to take mommy's camera and snap pictures, some are pretty darn good! here are her first round from the future Annie Leibovitz.....

inspired by: baby blankets, toddlers and their imaginations....



  1. Beautiful, just beautiful!

  2. Hannah is very atristic, love the body shots and how she cuts peoples heads

  3. lol - she is a talent... in the making ;)

  4. "Meg, it is so beautiful. I am honored that you made this for us!"

  5. Hannah did very well taking pictures of herself -very focused and artsy!! Mom and Dad - not so much...

  6. I never tire of yarn and knitting photos...more please! =)

    Hannah's definitely got talent!