Sunday, February 7, 2010

Are you ready to pass out?

Pull up a chair and be prepared... the new Architectural Digest is here! And oh my there are a lot of inspiring photos to peruse. And obsess over. And wish for! I had a binder that is full of pages of blips from magazines. A table, a lamp, paint color, accessories..... It is my inspiration binder and these images will be great additions.

Fresh & Cool, the cement table is amazing!

The blue lapis glass table is delicious!

I love the 360 degree view

This bath is better than a SPA, clean & fresh
inspired by: an amazing publication



  1. Riiiight?? And they call it a "small space" - so wacky. The blue table is so awesome i cant stop looking at it!

  2. Lol! If they want to see a "small space" they should come visit MY kitchen...

  3. I have the same binder that you have! It's right next to my pile of 259 recipes that I've collected!