Friday, February 5, 2010

Baby Boy Hughes

The last few days have been tough ones with this pregnancy. Between spotting, cramping, pain, contractions, 2 trips to the ER, 3 visits to my OBGYN and finally bed rest I have spent a lot of time thinking. I am only 27 weeks a long and this little monkey is dying to join the world. This post is dedicated to the soon- to- arrive Baby Boy Hughes.

We didn't know how to decorate his room, so on the internet I went. We decided to mix & match some great colors, styles and ideas to come up with his new nursery. His walls are a buttery color called Pooh Bear Yellow, his carpet is a soft cream and the rest.... Here are some pictures of his mobile, furniture & the fabric that will soon be curtains for the little man.

inspired by: our new baby boy who has a few more weeks to go but has mad ea huge impact on our lives already.



  1. LOVE IT! Sorry to hear about your troubles, but I love your room choices! That fabric is great! How exciting!

  2. Oh my goodness! It's a beautiful nursery...I want to move in. LOL!

    Hope you're keeping well and resting plenty!

  3. Yay! Thanks girls! I cant wait for the fabric, not like my fabric addiction needs more feeding but OH WELL!

    It's really hard to take it easy. Im not used to it. But the pain kicks n quickly so its a great reminder.

    Thank goodness sewing is an easy, relaxing task. I plan on doing a lot of it. I am already 3/4 through knitting a sweater for the little man. :)

  4. I am hoping and praying for you and the little man that he'll behave and stay in as long as he can. I've been there, done that, so I know how frustrating this must feel. But rest be assured, it'll be over before you know it. He's dying to come out and wreck havoc so just enjoy yourself while you can. :)

  5. Im sorry things have been so rough for you. Have you two in my thoughts!

    I love those colors!!!! The nursery is going to look great.

  6. Karen - Thank you luv!

    Melissa - Thank you <3, I appreciate you keeping him in your thoughts, he isnt listening to mine!

  7. I am loving the colors you chose! And I will echo everybody else in their wishes for Baby Boy to stay in there as long as possible!!!

  8. thanks! the room is painted and the crib and changer are built. Rob is finishing the tall dresser this week. Hopefully his fabric comes soon and I can work on his curtains (no more valance, full curtains)and finish it up for him.

    Not being able to move sucks. I have so much to do - so much i want to do!