Friday, February 19, 2010

Family & a finished piece

So Im on week 2 of bed rest and it's so hard! Sitting still is difficult enough, but not being able to do anything fun or even run to Michael's is killing me! I am listening to Dr's orders and staying on bed rest but every once in a while I have to hop on my sewing machine. My friend Sheryl gave me great reason. Remember that pretty floral fabric from my previous post? Well it is now a full length back & neck pillow filled to the brim with lavender & flax seed.

Last night Hannah, Rob & I were relaxing in the family room and Hannah decided to try taking pictures. The didnt come out so hot. Actually nobody ended up in them - so we snapped a few to show how much fun we had.

inspired by: Friends, family, fabric, lavender and the need to sew!



  1. very cool, so sorry you are on bed rest that is so hard!

  2. Thanks Kristen! The break from work is nice, but it's really boring! I can still sew & knit if I do it in little spurts - so Im grateful and take what I can get. :)

  3. I got the full back pillow! :) Just in time for this blizzard that's on the smells GLORIOUS! I will definitely be using it tonight. :)