Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sweet friends

Since being on BR, mommy guilt has set in. Hannah wants me to play dollhouse & Thomas and do all the fun things we did before. Unfortunately, I can't, not just b/c of the Dr but the pain that is involved too. So this week I was thrilled to have playdates set up for our little one.

Our best buddies came over for pizza on Friday night and Hannah got to play bike, Thomas, dollhouse and all the things mommy cant. She had a blast. Aunt Pia brought a few special presents for miss Hannah, one is a Big Sisters Rock shirt - Hannah loves it!

Then today Hannah went to her first birthday party! Christina from It's A Keeper had a 4th birthday party for her little man Joey a great new friend to Hannah. It was at MyGym - Hannah's favorite place to play & learn. We had a blast. Rob came with us to help Hannah & I sat in the waiting area watching - it stunk not to participate - but I loved getting to see her play with the kids. My mom takes her Tuesdays & Thursdays while we work and Im bummed I dont get to see her play - well today was so much fun! She had a great time! Thanks Christina & Joey! Happy birthday!

Exhaustion followed:

Thanks to great friends, a happy toddler & a great husband for making this guilted mom smile!
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  1. We're so glad you could come out and celebrate with us! Hannah is such a sweetie pie. Life is all about those little moments -- the ones that make you smile on the inside! Can't wait for our play date!

  2. We had a blast!Hannah especially. She really loved meeting new kids and playing at MyGym - thanks for inviting us!