Friday, May 21, 2010

Sweet little bitty's

Hello world! This mama is a driving again!!After having the baby, getting off bedrest and starting to feel like my old self... I decided to treat myself to a few happy little bitty's.......

My new SPROUT watch! so cute. I love the colors and the entire thing, including packaging is biodegradable. The fun part is they give you a packet of seeds to grow a little grass garden in your home. You put the packet in the cardboard box the watch came in, and pour the water into the packet through the hole at the top, put in the sunlight & watch your garden grow! I can't wait to do it with Hannah.

My Iphone case had a life span of 6 Hannah months. So my DH searched and found this uber cool little bitty!!! A Javoedge cork case - sooooo cute and the texture is amazing - it truly is cork!

My poor ears have been naked for months. I mean a gal on bedrest doesnt need to wear makeup let alone earrings. So now that Im free.... hello decoration! And the cute & fun designs from were a perfect gift to my once abandoned lobes.

That's all for now. Ill close with a picture that makes me melt.

inspired by: freedom!
cheers, meg


  1. Ohhh, those last 2 photos made me melt too! There is nothing cuter than baby feet, and look at those two little hands!!

    I love your terrific finds! The cork iPhone cover is so cool...when my current cover is wrecked, I'll buy that one. I want the birdie earrings too. ;)

  2. Thanks Teresa! i love baby feet! I still bite hannah's, lol.

    the cork cover is so cool, its feels really neat - Im really into texture. The earrings are fabulous - she is really talented. I have worn both sets and gotten complimented on both!

  3. That watch is awesome!!! And I am super jealous of the cork iPhone cover. Really neat.