Saturday, June 12, 2010

Getting back in shape

I recently had my last appt with my OB and got the A-OK to workout. I have been starting slowly (b/c of the C Section my abdominals are still sore) Walking has been great. I decided to pick up a few new "tools" to help inspire me, motivate me and basically get my act together. Plus, I added some new walking local's to give me some UMPH!

I bought the Nike IPod Sensor. The concept is cool, but the gadget doesnt work so well. Only my DH can get it to sync, which is really frustrating. I would love to just turn it on and go, but instead it takes minor surgery to get it working. I like the workout tips, the "upbeat voice" teling me I can do it, but if I can't get the darn thing to work without Rob, it's not worth it.

SOOO...... In comes Runkeeper.... for the times I walk without Rob (and maybe even with!) I LOVE it! It tracks my movement by GPS, it had me key in my weight so it can track my calories & even shows my "map" so I see where I went, the highs and lows of my energy and when I got a sprint in. I really like it. Plus, it is compatible with FB & Twitter so hopefully I will run into some great online friends using the program too. Now I just started but in 3 days I love to see what I have done. I will continue to use it.

It's hard to walk with a toddler climbing out of the stroller & a 2 month old who isnt used to the summer heat. So enter Lake Scranton. It was a hit. Well, for my very pregnant friend Amy, it could have been a lot better & the fact that it took 2 hours to walk 3 miles b/c I was pushing a 70lb stroller & grabbing Hannah after many escapes. It was a long walk - but a great workout!

While on the walk, Hannah met some new friends, a married couple of ducks who bickered over the broken pretzels Hannah tossed their way. They were great & she loved playing with them.

So thats my inspiration. I need to feel energy again and I'm convinced exercise is the key. Maybe bc sleep isnt an option yet. Oh well. Baby Steps. :)
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cheers, meg


  1. haha! Just don't take your pregnant friend with you!! You got good shots!

  2. Looking forward to our walk on Monday.

  3. How great that you're starting up with the exercise! Runkeeper sounds neat; sorry the Nike iPod Sensor isn't working out though. Keep it up, Meg!!!

  4. Popped in to say hi! That's so great you're starting with excercise. My friend just had twins via C-section three months ago, and she can't excercise yet b/c of a weak pelvis! Poor thing!

  5. Twins! Wow, that's so wild. The healing is hard but the workouts feel so good. The trick is to stop when it hurts.