Saturday, July 24, 2010

Finishing up the packing & a lil' trip....

Well, in less than 1 week our home will no longer be ours. It's sad. It's our first home together and we celebrated every holiday married here, had 2 babies here, started our Holiday Party tradition here and have about 1000 great memories to add. We were very lucky in this economy to have sold our house & make some money on the sale, but we are moving to a temporary home until we find one we really like, so with a 3 yr old & a 3 month old we are going to be moving twice. OY. yes, we are slightly crazy. WISH US LUCK! the big move is on Wednesday and we will be a family of chickens with their heads cut off!

To offset the insanity we took a day trip to Claws & Paws, a local mini zoo, so Hannah can have fun and we can get some air!

inspired by: family time and doing the right thing.
cheers, meg


  1. A bitter-sweet experience this is. Best of luck on your move!! I hope you'll find a home that is perfect for you very quickly.

    Hannah is adorable cuddled up with her tiger toy!

  2. T- you always say the right things!!