Monday, August 9, 2010

it's official

we moved.

we are like a family of gypsies. we are currently at my parents house until Rob's grandmas house is ready for us to temporarily move in there. We should just buy and RV. At least we can take our house with us! here are some last pics of Hannah being, well, Hannah at our old 522 Knapp Rd.

So after the chaotic move we headed to Sandbridge Beach in VA for a family vacation. The beach and condo were beautiful. We went to the Virginia Aquarium too & the kids really had a blast.

So thats my last 2 weeks in a nutshell. Lots of pictures, not alot to say. I guess when you pack your life up in a trucks worth of boxes, it's best not to say much. :)
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cheers, meg


  1. You guys are a gorgeous, gorgeous family! So glad you could de-stress with a great vacation!

  2. <3 thank you Teresa! <3 the beach was perfect. really clean and quiet - a great retreat.