Thursday, September 9, 2010

A whole month has passed?

I cant believe a whole month has passed since my last post. Time really flies with 2 wee ones, a move a baby who hasn't been feeling well & just general life. Ill make this a picture heavy diary of what has inspired me to smile every day b/c with out these images I would have been inspiration-less. We are officilaly in Dalton in Rob's grandma's home. We love it here. 18 acres of silent beauty. I hope we can find a home or build a home with similar outdoor peace. it is truly a HUGE blessing. Hannah loves it and it helps calm Harrison's coughing. Its wonderful.

Playtime with a good buddy. Hannah had a smile from ear to ear all day. She hadn't had a buddy date in a while.

Harrison in his golfing gear - squish!

4 months old and trying to stand!


Smiling outdoors.....

On top of my luvies making me smile...... I ordered new fabric, have knitted almost daily and feel like a new gal. I will have pictures soon when the fabric arrives... I think YOU will be inspired too.

inspired by: my children.
cheers, meg


  1. smooch those babies! I love them! So smiley and precious. 18 acres. Wow, that's amazing. I'm glad the fresh air is helping Hannah's cough!

  2. Thanks Heather! Hannah's cold is passing...thank goodness. Harrison has croup and the fresh air is a huge blessing for him. Poor thing coughs too much!