Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fabric & Fiber

Sometimes it is hard to find energy & motivation in the morning. Especially when you are awoken by your teething 5 month old & uber energized 3 year old. So. After countless mornings of convincing myself I must be depressed or something I decided to think about things that make me excited, inspired and motivated. Things that when I just think about them my heartbeat hops & I get my act together.

It's hard to focus on yourself as a mom because you stop your life to help your wee-ones. You put your needs aside for their best interests. I know there is a way to make everything work, but b/c Im so new to all of this, I havent figured it out... If you know, please share! But until I figure out how to still have interests & work on them while keeping my babies happy, here is a mini photo collection of what gets me smiling and out of bed instead of crawling under the covers b/c 7am fussiness is not my dream alarm clock.

A hand knit alpaca & bamboo scarf for a new wee-one

The new fabrics for lavender relaxation pieces I make for KMS.

A hand knit scarf from Irish wool... I LOVE this!

On Monday Ill be at the Martha Stewart Show in a new section that hasn't been "unveiled" yet. I was beyond excited to get the invite to participate. Martha is, of course, one of my mentors (well, through her publications, I haven't had the pleasure of meeting her... yet!)

I need to wear something stylish and colorful so I am going to knit up a fab scarf from the yarn above. Ill add a huge silk golden sunflower pin for added umph. (the pin & swag is my signature swag for KMS, kind of like Julia Roberts signature color being Pink in Steel Magnolias).

inspired by: fabric, fiber, martha stewart and creative crafting
cheers, meg

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