Sunday, December 5, 2010

A brief hiatus

Im sorry I haven't updated in quite some time. A lot has been happening and needless to say - this blog is going to be put on a brief hiatus. Between the kids, school, Hannah's activities, Kiss My Style, the custom orders, the recent boom in wholesale accounts, starting a new business, Christmas, wrapping, ordering and then the other household responsibilities, I'm spinning. There have been a lot of amazing moments that deserve to be shared, but just can't be yet. Hopefully the new year will bring some more organization and less responsibility. Until then....

Happy Holidays / Blessings / Peace


  1. Thanks Meg - Things are insanely busy. Im starting a new business that will be live in Jan - a glutton for punishment I am!

  2. You must take care of yourself, your family, and your biz first! We'll look forward to your updates when you have some more free time....which, since you're starting a new biz, may not be for a while. :} Be sure to get some rest!