Friday, January 28, 2011

A bit of honesty with a fresh start

Happy 2011! It's been a bit of a while. A lot has happened and changed and the break was well needed. After having baby #2 I went through a really rough spot. I wasnt working FT anymore (I had been a member of the working society for 20 years!) and I was home with 2 kiddos, one being a sick baby and I think I had post-pardum. I felt tired, useless and a lone a lot. I knew I needed to make changes. Here's what happened:

I took a yoga class. The place that had it fit in perfectly with preschool time and they had free baby care in a clean space. So I went. The sitter asked if i was advanced at yoga. "NOPE". She said "Oh, your class today is Vinyasa, it's pretty advanced." I wanted to leave. You see I was never one for doing things on my own in strange places, let alone taking a workout class - an advanced one at that! But I stayed. And The instructor was amazing. I sweat like I hadn't sweat in years. I felt amazing. Truly amazing. That's all it took. I was hooked and every Tuesday for the last 6 weeks I have been there.

Then the bug bit some more. I started to think about intentions and positivity. i started to do sun salutations at night before bed and send out positive thoughts. I started chanting in my mind "Do you want to LIVE or do you want to EXIST." LIVE! Viva Life! Then I started doing the breathing techniques from class at home, downloaded a great Yoga app for my iphone and began adding pre made practices to my weekly life.

So what is the result?
  • I feel wonderful.
  • An old friend that I had a falling out with came into my life again. I had missed her and out of the blue, she contacted me.
  • I began to knit for love again.
  • I started a business, Keen Bean Design, with my husband and it has taken off beautifully.
  • I was told I was unanimously voted by a committee to win an award for top 25 women in business.
  • I have made 2 new amazing, creative friends that I enjoy spending time with and look forward to watching the friendship flourish.
  • My upper back pain that has been so hard for me is lessening.
  • I have motivation, inspiration and desire.
  • I appreciate and love my time with my wee ones more than ever.
  • I have delight in my life again

Yoga isnt everyone's solution, but for me, it has changed my life. In 6 weeks, I feel.... good.
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cheers, meg


  1. what a great post! being a mom is NOT easy but it sounds like you are doing the most important thing: making time for yourself. that's why I started yoga and it has been an amazing way for everyone in my family to realize they can survive without me. So glad the magic is working for you as well!

  2. Beautiful post Meg! Being a mother is the hardest most rewarding role we will ever have but you're right in that it is easy to feel alone. This is especially true when kids are little and so time consuming. As women too we often place unreal expectations on ourselves and on others, which can further the feeling of being alone in our struggles . Kudos for you for finding your balance in life and for making time for yourself because there is only so much we as mothers can give before we are depleted.