Sunday, March 20, 2011

A place for guidance

At 35 I think I have done a lot, at least for my bucket list.
  • worked in some amazing fields in amazing places
  • found a great husband
  • had 2 beautiful wee ones
  • built 2 businesses from scratch
  • gotten some great acknowledgments for them
  • found my crafty side and love it!
But now time is a rarity and my mind is a flutter. I recently started a new business - Keen Bean Design - and it has boomed! No complaints at all... except..... between KBD, the kids, their schedules, house hunting, maintaining our house, running countless errands, running Kiss My Style and breathing ... I have no time. I want to do so much more - Yoga for one. I never have time for it daily. My nerves are shot after my 4 year old questions me all day "why, what, when, where? did i mention why?"

So I call to all of my crafty moms - yoga divas - multitasking ADHD ninja women.... Please help me organize better so I can fit in sewing and yoga and cooking and playing and walking and breathing and enjoying life!!!!!

On that plea I will end with 2 pictures that make me smile....

Guidance please! :) xoxoxo
inspired by: making everyone happy - even me :)

cheers, meg


  1. if you figure it out let me know! ;-) i think you are doing a terrific job

  2. You are always the sweetest!! Take your words to heart for you too! xo

  3. I'm so very impressed by all you've done by this age! I'm about 12 yrs older and have not achieved your level of success. I'm not very good at time management myself (hence the lack of success...LOL!), but I do enjoy the system in Getting Things Done and I swear by 2 to-do lists: an over-arching one and a daily one.

    Kudos to you!

  4. Teresa, you are always a source of inspiration. You are a talented mama to be reckoned with!