Sunday, April 10, 2011

Isn't it funny....things you realize?

Isnt it funny:
  1. some of your greatest friends are those you never met in person?
  2. how hearing birds chirp for the first time since winter, first thing in the morning is a beautiful sound?
  3. how you realize how much you truly love someone when out of the blue you look at them and think - I have never loved anyone like I love you.
  4. how you love your second child as much as your first, in different ways but in a loving, squishing way?
  5. how a movie is so similar to your life that you cry because it beings back all the pain you had?
  6. how much you miss a loved one that passed away even 17 years after they have died?
  7. how yoga in the morning makes an achy back fade away?
  8. how a clean house makes a clean mind?
  9. how a shower removes all the dirt of the day but also all the sludge from any negativity?
  10. how a walk outside can give you a little nudge into happiness?
  11. how the taste of a really good meal lingers in your mind?
  12. how when you realize you have a few friends you realize how blessed you are that you even have one you can count on?
  13. how hobbies & interests make you smile inside?
  14. when you finally pick up a book after not having any time to read? even just one chapter a day....?
  15. how you need people in your life even though you think you dont?
and isnt it amazing how truly gorgeous the human body is - inside and out? the intricacies of the organs, the pangs of the heart, the skipped beats over love, the tears that form from nowhere? Isnt it amazing that all of us are different yet we have the same "Isn't it funnies?"

Molly Elizabeth
Sept 21, 1982 - Jan 24, 1994

If you have some - post them! id love to see! :) share share share!
inspired by: life, love & friends...... and Molly who for some reason, I miss terribly today.
cheers, meg


  1. all those! (Well, except maybe the movie life is not that dramatic...LOL!) I'm sorry you lost someone so dear to you. x

  2. how about how one sunset can bring tears to your eyes, how quickly you can go from being angry to happy just by seeing a smile, how a good song on the radio can have you happy and singing VERY loudly in the car? <3 beautiful post meg!

  3. Teresa - you are a <3

    Meg - thanks!

    Teeg - I love yours! You have added a lot of light to my 2011!!