Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Birthday Smiles, Tree Pose & a Good Read

There is something so amazing about our wee ones - their smiles, their cuddles & the way they mimic our actions. My daughter has been following in my footsteps by practicing yoga with me. Her latest accomplishment is Tree Pose. Now, I am 5'11 and STILL can't seem to master it and my little besu has knocked me clean out of the water. She is guided by the light!

My little man turned one on the 15th. My heart breaks at how he has changed. His smile is adorable and his kisses are hysterical! He is definitely a lover. Plus, he has super cute toes.

We got to enjoy the outdoors at last! The spring is creeping and pushing its way into April like a line for toys before Christmas. Pushy pushy pushy! We LOVE being outdoors so we told that weather to come on in - you are so welcome!

So things have been busy. Between birthdays, KBD, KMS and life, things have gotten a bit nutty. Oh, did I mention WE BOUGHT A NEW HOME? - that will be in a later post. (Promise)
But lately I have been so tired and "lazy" that my practice has been greatly neglected. It started when my upper back pain returned and I had to miss my favorite Vinyasa class and it escalated from there. My evening SS, is down to a weekly SS. My drive and desire is shaded but daily dramas. SOme of my wonderful yoginis from Twitter assured me it is normal and not to fret. When its ready to return, it will and open arms will hold it tight. To help with the process, I picked up a few books.

Poser: My Life in 23 Yoga Poses - found here
EnLIGHTened - found here
Yoga as Medicine - found here

Partial Reviews:

I have only read 2 chapters. Although its interesting and a bit funny, Im not hooked. I need to read more to give a thorough thought.

I am 1/2 way through and have a hard time putting it down. The humor, the truth, the frankfulness and the yummy recipes come together in a great - easy-to-read book on being a mama, yogi and a woman just trying to keep it all together & smile while doing it. Loving it!

Yoga as Medicine:
I am reading it slowly - like a text book. Written by an MD it has a great perspective on yoga for the physical & mental. I really like his clear writing style and look forward to each section as I go.

Im slowly coming back to life - between the joy of a new home, a new season full of gorgeous smells and sights and my babies who give me new breathe every morning. My practice will return. Maybe tonight. Maybe next week. But it will return. Because it loves my body like I love it. My husband used to do it with me every night. Maybe its time for us to start our couples practice again. As Martha says: "It's a Good Thing".
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cheers, meg


  1. you've convinced me that i need to read - EnLIGHTened. - betsy

  2. hmmm, hadn't heard of enLIGHTened but will definitely check it out. added it to the ever growing amazon wish list ;) hugs and _/\_

  3. B - Definitely worth the read.
    M - The Amazon wish list is full of twitter yoga book reads aching to head to the cart!!!

  4. glad you are slowly coming back! cute little monkeys you have

  5. Thank you N- You are part of that process - you are always bringing light!

  6. Whenever I think of you, I wonder how you find time to sleep with all you do...LOL! Your kids are so darling, and congratulations on the new house!

  7. T- You are a real inspiration - you are so talented and happy and bless the earth with your talents and gardening skills. I admire YOU!

  8. aww that tree pose is so cute. love this