Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sunshine - at last!!!!

The weather in NEPA has been as schizophrenic as poor Sybil. But the few days of delicious pleasure we took full advantage of! Needless to say between the weather, the fun and the fresh air we have been outside a lot.

Because of that I have done some outside yoga, outside reading and toes in the grass time. I finished enLIGHTend and LOVED LOVE LUV it! It was witty, cute, and informative. Did I add a bit of inspiration as well?

My weeones were gifted a mini cooper as a 1st birthday gift for my littlest lovey.

and did i mention the outdoor yoga??

In other news - we bought a house! closing is June 3 and we couldnt be more excited. here are a few sneak peeks of my new digs that i am chomping at the bit to get into!

- Our Kitchen -
I love that the 1974 Blueprint Cabinet is now our island!

- Our quiet reading room -
This is for play, reading, puzzles, yoga, entertaining, talking, engaging

- Family Room -
The kitchen meshes into the eating area and family room - I love the floor to ceiling sunlight windows & doors - we will have a lot of fun & memories in here.

- Outdoor Fun -
Yoga, BBQ's, playtime with the weeones, quiet, peace and family time

Thats all for now - next time... a lovely review, moving chaos and hopefully my first summer margarita - OUTDOORS!

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cheers, meg


  1. The house is beautiful...and I love the kitchen island ♥

  2. I agree! beautiful house Meg!! So modern, and just gorgeous <3 Can't wait to see more pics!

  3. congrats on the new house!!! omg it looks just lovely =) and nice booklist!! =D

  4. Beautiful house Meg! Love the kitchen...

  5. Thanks Teeg! The books are turning out to be good reads, just what I needed.

    Thanks Meg - When we are in - you will have to come up and visit with the kiddos!

    HI - Thanks!!!

  6. Wow...congratulations on your new home!! It is AMAZING looking! It'll be so nice for you to finally settle in, I'm sure. :)