Sunday, August 28, 2011

Holy Moly - it's been 3 months!

I can't believe its been 3 months! That seems crazy, but alas, its true.

First, We moved into our new home and are finally settled (for the most part).

My wee ones have grown:

And finally I am catching up on my reading and yoga practice. I couldnt be more thrilled. My mat is my savior, my incense my inspiration, my practice my salvation. I couldnt be happier. My friend Jen at sent me a few tanks to "test & review" and (Im SO sorry Jen!) it has taken me 2 months to get things together and actually do a review. Sometimes life just interrupts play!

Here are the tops:

The pictures were taken from her website, I am not the gorgeous model. hehe. Anyway.....
I LOVE them. I only have one issue and thats sizing. If you pick one up for yourself, please choose a size up. I am a Medium and had to exchange for a Large. Im tall (5'11) and the Large fits but isnt very long. I like long in the hips & arms. Some don't but I like to feel comfy, not like I have to pull it down. My friend has 2 and she is about 5'6 so the fit is much better on her - in terms of length. The Good news is - I adore the style, the cut, the image & wording. It added like to my plain yoga tanks and made me feel like springtime. it was very nice. Would I buy them? Yes, but I may even go up to an XL if it provided more length. The fabric is very fine and provides a textured look that appears to be see-thru in spots but isnt. Its a very fun and fabulous tee! Check out Jen's store for even more amazing yoga pieces -

Finally Ill end with the blessing that I am knitting for Kiss My Style Fall and Cowls are the rage. My son modeled one for me -

Have a glorious day of love and light! Ill be back soon - I promise!
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cheers, meg


  1. Your son is a fabulous model! Good to see you back...have fun knitting! :)