Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A big change....

Those who know me, know I love crafting. From a young age its been my passion - crayons and paper were in my pocket at all times. Thats why, with sad dismay, I need to reduce my passionate business Kiss My Style. My once full fledged ecommerce, heaven is now a mere Etsy site. I cant keep up with the demands, the frustration of lack of funds, the desperate desire to fill orders until midnite on Christmas Eve. Its so hard to accept... I will never be "Martha" I will just be Meg. So here begins a new chapter.... Chapter 1 - who is Meg now?

Here are some pics of the Kiss My Style Closeout Party for tomorrow night.....

inspired by: lack of time.
cheers, meg


  1. I struggle as a stay at home mom and am constantly figuring out the new me. I wish I could give you a real life hug.

  2. Sending love & ((((HUGS))))

  3. Consider this as a break to focus on bigger and better job. You have two beautiful babies that demand lots of time and energy. When they need you less you have to go back to what you love to do and you will be ready for your other goals. Enjoy Hanna and Harrison while you can.

  4. You are the best Meg you can be and that's all that matters! Your family and friends love you and you are still a super-talented gal.