Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Clean View

Its amazing how productive and positive and energized I feel after organizing and cleaning up my surroundings. The babies are growing and are amazing little lovelies and with that comes a trail of toys, granola and sippy cups. My once calm and organized surroundings is cluttered and messy. The last few days I have been organizing - and am not done yet - but the difference in my personality and thought process is amazing!

Have you had a chance to organize your surroundings? I find I practice meditation & yoga more, am more creative, productive and have more energy with clean surroundings and smells. I keep lavender in every room for peace and keep incense or candles lit when possible. I keep my inspiring items at hand - like my yoga mat, books, and yarn. It makes for a wonderfully inspiring place! Target has amazing plastic bins at affordable prices to keep toys at bay, bins to pack seasonal clothes away. Crate and Barrel has great mini items - ironing board (for under the bed) shoe racks (that adjust in size and are uber strong) and glass jars that mimic Ina Garten for your coffee & sugars. It feels amazing to look at a clean space. Even my desk, organized with file folders and rack. Major OM!!!

Im back to yoga too - some therapeutic classes at Body Dynamics but also at home. 6 Sun Salutations a night + acupuncture, physical therapy and a few new vitamins and probiotics has helped me significantly. I thrive for a peaceful body.

Here are some happy pictures that give me breathe - and maybe you as well - Namaste

Ice Cream & 1st Day of Preschool

Creekside Butterfly Gardens

Mobile Smiles
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cheers, meg

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