Tuesday, October 11, 2011

When life hands you lemons.....

Today was the AWE Awards ceremony. Last year I was a nominee and was blessed to receive the Woman of Merit Award. This year I set up a table for Keen Bean Design and met some amazing women (and potential contacts - score!) Anyway, we sat down afterwards for the lunch and heard an amazing lecture from a sef declared "mom-preneur" Cena Block. Her business is Sane Spaces and she gave the most amazing, inspiring speech on how women do it all and get through it shining bright. Talk about inspiring! Did I mention, shes a yogi? AHHHH yes! Anyway, I asked for some excerpts b/c they were insanely informative and I want to share them with you.
  • Clarifying Your Perspective and determine whether it serves you
  • Understanding Your Self and What’s Important
  • Finding your sense of Personal Motivation repeatedly
  • Minimizing your own Limitations and barriers
  • Aligning Actions with Greater Cause – Making a Personal Contribution
And the four "sanity" dimensions to assess and address are your:
  • Spaces
  • Systems
  • Self 
  • Support 
To end her amazing speech I "borrowed" her inspiring yoga image, See! a well balanced business woman!

Ok, onto personal things.... Im learning so much about people and how to feel and to react. I have always worked in fields where acceptance is required. Your clients need to accept your work or you wont be paid, essentially. I carried that feeling into my personal life and really just realized (and found out through the small town grapevine), some do not support me and although it hurts..... its ok. I have an amazing support group of friends and have a more than amazing team to support me & KBD through business. Not to mention the people who do support me outweigh the ones who don't. Recently my feelings have been hurt and I had my emotional moment and then stopped. Its good to feel, but better to get over it. The results of today were not the one negative piece of feedback, but the dozen pieces of positive and amazing feedback! Not to mention, I felt great i my red patent heels!

One thing Cena mentioned, that I have always believed, you need to find time for you. To balance your life. My kids, my husband, my friends and my work are my life. But my hobbies and interests are my glue. Lately as motherhood and age have crept in, I noticed I am taking a new viewpoint. “The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.” - Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy 

Im confident in my love, my success, my feelings, my responsibilities and finally my choices. It took 36 years to acknowledge that but I am most grateful. For that I will end my post with some candids of my heart: 

EDITED TO ADD: It is OK to feel "not so great" about parenting, work, life in general. And it is OK to talk about it. I share my feelings to let others know - your not alone. <3 Namaste!

inspired by: new beginnings and love
cheers, meg


  1. Lovely post! Sorry to hear that you've had to face some negativity in your life though. Stay away from the nay-sayers...I've been telling my sis (who is starting her own biz right now) that too. x

  2. unfortunately they are people that are in my life, cannot be removed, and its me that will have to change & conform. I think its good to talk about these things so people know - they aren't alone with having negative situations in their life.

    love you T!

  3. you are one amazing person!!! continue to rock on and shine your light. we need more people like you <3

  4. You are too sweet! Thank you. It's meeting new friends and finding new light that makes it alright in the end!