Sunday, November 20, 2011

A trip to Princeton

This weekend Rob and I went to Princeton, NJ for a weekend getaway without the weeones. We missed them terribly but had a wonderful time. Everything about it was amazing. The peace, the walks, the restaurants, the time with Rob & the sleep. Oh the glorious sleep! I have beautiful pictures to show our time below........

I look at these pictures and I love every moment of them. But I look at the pictures of my in my newly successful yoga poses and I am disgusted by what I see. My body, which was beautiful at one point, is fat and out of shape. I see a woman who has seen every doctor known to man and not one can figure out - or care to figure out - why I have put on 27 lbs in 10 months with NO change of lifestyle or nutrition. Tomorrow I will change my nutrition, vitamin & exercise routine AGAIN to see if improvements are possible. I just want to be comfortable with myself in appearance again.

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cheers, meg


  1. I think you look beautiful, my dear, but yes the unexplained weight gain is cause for concern. I hope you'll find a diet/routine that will help, or a doctor who'll be able to diagnose the problem!

  2. thank you love, yes, im on the warpath with doctors, testing and holistic education....