Friday, February 3, 2012

Another Amazing Medical Phenom

Hello again :) Since the last time I posted a few new amazing blessings have entered my life and my health. I cant tough enough how my OBGYN (actually a DO) helped me in treatment of my thyroid problems. But she told me that it isnt her specialty and at some point it would be wise to have a specialist involved. (i love truthful physicians :) ) Anyway, a friend of mine had an amazing experience with a Dr about an hour + away and recommended I go. So last week I brought all of my labwork results and headed to Bangor, PA. I met with an AMAZING doctor. He is an MD with his specialty being general practice, but he is also a DO (doctor of osteopathy) . He is a lovely man (looks about 65) and sat with me for an hour and a half telling me there is hope for my plethera of issues. He told me the weight gain, dry skin, lack of energy, thinning hair, swollen neck etc are NOT normal. He promptly scheduled me for a "Stealth Test & an Organ Function Test". I needed to come back in a week for those tests and to come right upstairs (without an appointment!) for him to read them to me and explain whats happening. He assured me: You Will Be Better.

So yesterday I went and had the tests done. My mom came with me and we headed out for lunch, came back and within 7 minutes, he called me back to talk about my results. Now, I now people are sensitive to sharing information. I understand and wouldnt share anything I didnt feel would help others. Its my personal preference in this case. I think after 8 years of suffering, I question home many others are too?

Below are the test results:

As you can see from the first test, there are a series of "parasites & viruses" they found. Dont fear its not what you think. Basically from living life, people pick up certain parasites. These are not from exotic trips but from just breathing air. But those parasites attack healthy organs when your body is under duress - stress, antibiotics, major illnesses or injury. With 2 young kids, a business & a household - stress is my issue. The viruses come from receiving vaccines as a child that help the mumps and other various illnesses. Your body normally gets rid of this traces of the live virus, but in my case, it hung on to the "mumps". I have never had them, but my body acknowledged its existence when it went into duress with both C-sections. I am NOT saying do not get vaccinated - I believe in vaccination, I am just explaining what can happen as a result. 

So to fix these issues, I will be going through a series of cleanses for 18 days each to eliminate these issues. He informed me after the series is complete - 6 months - I will not have these issues AND my "old self" will be back. My metabolism, energy, skin, hair etc. My sleep will be improved, my fogginess cleared. I cannot stress how I cannot wait!

The second test, tested my organ function. I am VERY proud to say - LOOK AT MY BRAIN! w00t! However some of my other organs (not ironically the ones that aid in energy, health, metabolism and growth) are low. There is a series of live organ cell shots that I have begun. One a week for 6 weeks. After those 6 weeks I will be retested. They feel after the 6 weeks, all organ function will improve and be above the average mark - INCLUDING my brain. They have only had 2 above 90 - so far - I cant wait to see where mine ends up. I always knew I could be and feel better. I look forward to feeling energized and functioning again.

Next week I will also be going for additional food testing. The food test I did shows a strong chance of me being allergic to gluten. If that is the case, major lifestyle adjustments will be had. Luckily I have a great husband who is on board to change his lifestyle as well and supports any changes we need to make in food. :)

After the 6 weeks, I will post the results and after the 6 months I will do the same. I am also continuing my pilates & yoga practices as well as my PT. I am not relying on these cleanses and shots exclusively.

My reasons for being proactive are simple: I want to be the parent my kids deserve. 

inspired by: real doctors, my children, the future, having myself back again!!
cheers, meg

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  1. I'm so glad that you're getting your health back on track! Sending lots of good thoughts for you on your road to recover. <3