Thursday, February 9, 2012

Food Allergy Results....

Today the results came in and boy, did they come in. I am allergic to quite a few things. Our grocery list will be significantly changing and our eating habits will be dramatically different. ANY guidance, suggestions, recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Im very nervous & excited to start this journey but am very uneducated on it.

Im thinking of buying a bread machine b/c we consume a lot of bread and gluten free bread & dough is quite pricey. Any recommendations on machines you love?

Cereals & Cookies & Pasta will be bought,and our garden will supplement our veggies, but until then - the store will be the source of shopping for those items as well.

The Results: 
Score of 0-2 Score of 3-5 Score of 6+

Butter Apricot Peach
Crab Blueberry Pineapple
Cantelope Barley Corn-Yellow
Salmon Grapefruit Gluten
Lettuce - Leaf Lemon Wheat
Sweet Potato Orange Aspartame
Yogurt - Cow Spelt High Fructose - Corn

Corn Syrup Corn Oil

Sugar - Beet

Milk - Cow

What do the numbers mean?

0-2 : consume not often - once a month (at the very most)
3-5 : consume rarely - a few times a year (at the very most)
6+ : avoid entirely

So the doctor told me the good news is that my energy will increase, my back pain will decrease and I will have an overall big improvement in life. I am very excited for that but am intimidated as to where to start.

He also told me that I need to decrease stress. That my work habits, c-section surgeries, motherhood, & life are taking a toll and I need to be kinder to myself. Im not sure how to do that. I need to do the things I do and cannot limit the time I invest in any of it. So how do I fit in "relaxation"? Its very frustrating. 

Any advice would be great - please!
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cheers, meg


  1. Wow, That is a lot of food to have to give up or mostly give up. I guess one option, if you're not already doing it, is hiring childcare for stress reduction. Other than that, I really have no advice, but I have lots of hugs of encouragement for you!

  2. Thank you Teresa! It's going to be hard to get things up and I found that gluten-free usually involves corn so now I'm you looking for gluten-free with rice slightly harder to find the Internet I have a feeling will be my best friend. My mom helps once a week but otherwise it's just me at this point we can't really bring in more childcare especially with the new additional cost of groceries. I didn't expect specialty food to be as pricey as it was so we're going to revamp our budget.

  3. I wonder if you might be able to get a childcare swap going with some of your friends so someone can take the kids during times when you really need the rest and you can help them when they need it. That's the only thing I can think of that wouldn't cost any money for childcare. Specialty foods are very pricey. :( Good luck with your search.